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Gut Health EZ Xtra Gel (Single Tube)

Gut Health EZ Xtra Gel (Single Tube)

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The most powerful products in the Gut Health line, useful for not only immediately addressing gastric issues and also hindgut symptoms. This gel is also very effective in preventing dehydration and weight loss while under stress. An absolute must for curbing anxiety in competition. It can be used as a daily treatment. Drug tests safe as well.

The crown jewel of the GUT HEALTH line. It provides the highest concentration of the product’s innovative pH elevating ingredients. The encapsulated sodium bicarbonate goes to work with other active ingredients to immediately sooth esophageal, gastric, duodenal, and cecal irritation caused by erratic decreases in pH due to diet and stress. Developed to benefit horses with chronic issues, as well as a drug-free solution to those prone to anxiety, weight loss, and behavioral issues during competition. EZ Xtra Gel is best used before trailering, each day at a show or pre ride/race.

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